Trump's Inauguration

I guess that I should find something to say about this momentous occasion.

Mostly my reaction is "meh".  Somewhere along the way the shock of Trump having won the election has waned, I suppose as all enthusiasm wanes with time.

And I'm no longer entirely convinced that his election "blew up the death star".  Er, I mean, it was huge.  I think that it was a giant fuck you to the system, to the elites, as Michael Moore said.

However given how deeply entrenched Trump is in Jews: Mnuchin, Miller, Jared, Ivanka, all of his grandchildren and daughter-in-laws, and his adamant pro-Israeli stance.....dunno.  We've probably essentially elected a shill.

Yeah, we're living in a giant hamster cage here in in the US and our only real freedoms are to decide when to jump off of our wheel and take a sip of water.  And Trump cannot do a fucking thing about it, nor, I doubt, does he intend to.

This Warning that the BVM predicted at Garabindal.....that'll be coming around the year 2026.  Preceded by the giant jack-move that the US government will make, in which we'll essentially become a Communist country.  Ugh.  I know I sound so stupid trying to predict this thing.

So anyway, yeah.  There's some predictions for you.  Here's to Trump's Inauguration.  Or whatever.

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