The Man!

Here we go.  The beginning of a new era, perhaps.

The Intercept's article "Trump's Homeland Security Team Likely to Emphasize Facial Recognition Bilmetric Surveillance" really hit on some of the anxieties that I have with this president.

Homeland Security is bullshit to begin with, as it sprouted out of the bullshit terrorist attack from 2001.  Essentially it's a successful effort to turn our country into a police state, achieved through a widespread mind-numbing (hypnosis) of the masses.

It's freaky.  We're living in a freaky age and given the amount of support that Trump has for and has from the military (the greatest advocates of "fighting against the evil 9/11 terrorists"), it's no surprise really that he'll "want to protect us" by increasing the amount of freaky surveillance placed upon us.  

The post that I wrote on Friday I still entirely agree with.  We're headed towards some sort of government jack move.  This current president will only increase the amount of surveillance that we're under, and increase our inability to get out of it w/out some radical paradigm shift.  

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