The Intercept Podcast

The Intercept just aired the first episode of it's new podcast.

Um, yeah.  Jeremy Scahill, co-founder of The Intercept, hosted the episode, and Glenn Greenwald, another founder, made an appearance at the beginning.  

I have to say that I like Glenn Greenwald.  After reading his book No Place to Hide and hearing him in several interviews and reading his tweets he seems matter of fact, says what he thinks, and generally has sensible things to say.  Take, for instance, his recent interview on Tucker Carlson where Greenwald says that there isn't any evidence for Russian Hacking in the election.  A breath of fresh air he is.
Scahill, on the other hand, grates on me.  After hearing him speak in town last summer I was left feeling like I'd just encountered someone with a massive ego.  He winced and directed hate-filled stares and ultimately shut down the questioners who alluded to 9/11or other 'conspiracy theories'.

And this podcast kind of tells the same story.  Scahill squeezes in a tremendous amount of name dropping, from himself to Greenwald to Laura Poitras (emphatically emphasizing that they are the founders of The Intercept--this trio has become alt-news celebrities of sorts, and Scahill isn't shy to relish in it.)  And that journalist he "shoots the shit" with at the end--Seymour Hersh.  How many times does Scahill manage say that Hersh won the Pulitzer Prize?  At least twice.  This interview, too, is wince inducing, it has a very "this guy is awesome, he's on our side" tone to it, and Scahill swears several times throughout the interview, and yeah.  Just basically a very "we're edgy, we're badasses, we're, most of all, right, and our pedigrees prove it" tone to Scahill and his podcast. 

And let's face it, Scahill has been nominated for an Academy Award.  I guess it's easy for an award like that go your head.  

He also prefaced the podcast by saying how much The Intercept prided itself on being non-partisan.  Then in the opening lines started to discuss how the Trump Administration would be stripping women of their reproductive rights and comparing Trump to Hitler.  

Kind of a joke this.  I like Greenwald and Scahill for their positions on the extreme government surveillance that's going on in the US.  I just don't know if this is one podcast I'll be able to stomach for very long.  And, given that it's run by an egomaniac, I don't know that The Intercept really can be a much of a force for change.  Scahill's unable to admit, crucially, that 9/11 is an inside job.  He's just too trendy to take an unpopular position.  

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