The Crown

Just finished watching the first season of "The Crown".  The recommendation that I've been giving to all of those people who've been asking for it goes something like this: "It's a slow burn, worth watching if you have a lot of time on your hands."

And yeah.  Claire Foy, who plays Queen Elizabeth, is really good.  Love all of the accents, the proper British way of behaving, etc.  Her husband can be quite annoying.  He has a lot of scenes where he's staring at her with his mouth half open, his eyes narrowed...my description doesn't entirely do it justice but he looks painfully annoying and ridiculous.  Almost enough to stop watching.

And the reviews that say the show is as slow as hell and that nothing's really at stake for these characters (and so why get involved with them) is true.

Dunno, not sure exactly what captivates me about this show.  Although I will say that discovering that the second season probably won't be coming out until November has me a tad bit upset.  I actually have to wait THAT LONG??

So it does draw you in, somehow.  Kind of like a lullaby, lulls you in, then you find yourself practically falling asleep halfway through the episode.

Guess that it's an educational show, as it's historically accurate.  So watching The Crown is way of improving yourself.  Kind of like watching Silence.  

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