Studio Polished

Just discovered this term "studio polished", from Chris Mancini and Graham Elwood's Comedy Film Nerds podcast.  It describes when characters in movies are dressed perfect, have perfect make-up, the scenery is perfect, and not one of their hairs is out of place.

Can kind of take me out of the movie when it's too studio polished.  Consider this preview for Hidden Figures.

These women are just looking too damn perfect and it makes me uninterested in seeing it.  You know what, it reminds me of that Steel Magnolias-ey movie from several years back, The Help.  Now that movie looked bad.  Hidden Figures looks interesting but then, like I said, I just can't stomach the perfection.  It also reminds me of all those over-the-top dated "costumes" that the women in Mad Men wore.

K, you know a directed who more than shies away from Studio Polished?  Ramin Bahrani.  I really like his movie Chop Shop.  Read that he didn't even hire professional actors to play in that movie.  And they did such a good job.

Need to see more of his stuff.

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