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Just finished watching Lost In Translation, The Bling Ring, and Marie Antoinette.  Omg there's some eye candy for you.  Each of these movies is so, so good.

Alright, fine, maybe not "so, so, good", but "so good" anyway.

Coppola loves color, she loves whimsey.  Which makes The Bling Ring, the movie about the teens in L.A. who broke into celebrities houses and stole tens of thousands of dollars of bling, the perfect movie for her.

I love the scenes where you get to watch the kids try on designer clothing.

And Marie Antoinette--can somebody say "pastel"?  Wow, so many scenes of decadent pastel dresses.  It almost was too much for me, I couldn't help but think, "You know, this isn't really what they all looked like back then.  This is the work of a director with an exorbitant budget".

So yeah.  Rather than think about history, Marie Antoinette made me think about how sickeningly out of whack our culture is, in that we cough up millions to make movies like this, while, well, you know. Tons of other things and people go underfunded.

But it does have a great soundtrack.  I do love New Order.

And Lost in Translation--one thing I will say about Bill Murray is that he conjures up a nostalgia that only someone like he or Letterman can.  I suppose his glory days go back to Ghostbusters and Caddyshack and Groundhog Day but this is certainly another of his bright moments.

And I like the Scarlet Johansson character!  She seems like an actor that's very very easy to hate.  But in this movie, well, I just didn't.  I liked how clueless she was, didn't really have much of a career.  Somehow I can relate to her, lol.

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