Silicon Valley

I just watched the first two seasons and like this show.  It has great characters.  I like that it's a comedy yet they don't allow the somewhat comedic and exaggerated characters spin off into totally ridiculous caricatures.

The J.T. Miller character, for example; he's silly and pot smoking but also contributes credibly to the development of Pied Piper.

And the main character, the audience member of sorts, who plays the same role as Tim Canterbury in the BBC Office as the rational person who's looking at other crazy characters and rolling his eyes, is very good.  Sometimes his reasonableness gets a bit tiresome, but overall I like it.

And Kumail--well I do like him.  Maybe he's a little trendy for me, but overall a good guy.  And the Freaks and Geeks character--I like him too, in that he doesn't seem to be crazy ambitious like some of the other characters from that show.  Had a good interview on Marc Maron's podcast from awhile back.  Worth listening to.

How much of this show reflects Mike Judge's voice?  He's directed several episodes, is the co-creater and executive producer, but hasn't been given credit for having written any of the episodes.

Given Idiocracy and the fact that he's been seen hanging out with Alex Jones--well he's definitely writing from a somewhat edgy perspective.

And is this perspective reflected in Silicon Valley?  I don't quite know exactly.  The characters make lots of commentary about "things that've gone down" in the tech industry; for example Google's interviewing Yelp, asking them to reveal their secrets in the interview, then blowing them off and creating something very similar to Yelp.

But I don't see that it's making any exceptional statements other than to tell a funny story.

Maybe I'll have to give that question some more thought.

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