Roger Stone's Best & Worst Dressed from 2016

This article is much worth the read.  So, so fun to look at the pictures and read Stone's merciless commentary.

A few standouts from the best dressed;

Milo.  No surprise really that he made the list.  His sense of fashion makes me envious, honestly.

Justin Trudeau.  Again, no surprise.  Apparently some of the best tailors in the world make his suits.  And I read that at some point in the recent past he had a penchant for wearing capes ;)
Isn't this guy just, well, beautiful?

And from the worst dressed--

Hillary.  LMAO at the photo Stone picked out for her.  Clearly, there's an overt political tone to these choices---since another worst dressed is.....

Lena Dunham.  Honestly, can someone in a seat of high power banish this woman?  Forever?  Probably not, since her fame essentially comes from the fact that she's a juggernaut of the liberal elite.

(An aside--the best Tweet I've read about her---

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