Reason Enough to Boycott the NYT

“A few weeks ago I met a guy in Idaho who was absolutely certain that Donald Trump would win this election. He was wearing tattered, soiled overalls, missing a bunch of teeth and was unnaturally skinny….He was getting by aimlessly as a handyman. I pointed to the polls and tried to persuade him that Hillary Clinton might win, but it was like telling him a sea gull could play billiards.”

--The Arrogant, Liberal Elitist Ass, David Brooks on November 4, 2016

Brooks goes on in the article to say "Everyone (the handyman) knows is voting for Trump, so his entire lived experience points to a Trump landslide".

The reality of the situation is this "aimless handyman" was perceiving a political reality that Brooks could not see.  Brooks, in fact, was in the place he claimed the handyman to be--as his entire lived experience was with Hillary voters, Brooks pointed to a Hillary landslide.

Brooks's delusions really puts into question who really is the aimless one in this assessment.  I love Michael Tracy's incriminating article, "How Pundits Get Everything Wrong and Still Keep Their Jobs" which points out that these flagrantly wrong pundits aren't facing any sort of consequence, and we're going to have to go on listening to them.  

I wish that rather someone would to put the spotlight onto the handyman.  He seems to be  more in touch with things.  

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