Neal Brennan

Just listened to 1/2 of his Netflix Special.

He had some really great jokes in there, the one-liners that he read at the beginning on the index cards, omg.  "The Internet is like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, except every adventure ends with me masturbating."  And "Women love the movie Pretty Woman but they do not love it when you bring your new prostitute girlfriend to their birthday party."

And the emotional stuff that he touches on--pretty reminiscent of Maria Bamford.  That got intense and depressing, listening to him lecture us about how we need to become more open minded about mental illness and the litany of procedures that he's gone thourgh in an effort to reduce his depression.  Kind of lost the comedic element there for a bit.

Then in the third-ish section, or halfway through (when I turned it off) he became sickeningly banal and pc.  Talking about slavery, how horrible that is.  How blacks are entitled to continue to lord it over the rest of us due to how awful that was.  And then he actually says that in an effort to end racism that we all just need to breed across races--essentially put an end to individual races and produce one big melting pot.  Oh, towards the beginning he also included some Catholic-bashing as well.

This guy is the product of some serious mainstream brainwashing.  More and more I'm coming to see that this drive towards multiculturalism is an effort to weaken the collective will; as multiculturalsim is no culture at all.  It's the loss of all cultures.  This quote, taken from Alex Jones' Twitter feed, drives at the point I'm making.

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