MSM and the Pro-Planned Parenthood Spin

This article from The Guardian "Healthcare without Planned Parenthood: Wisconsin and Texas Point to Dark Future" leaves little to the imagination as to the position its author is taking on an extremely controversial topic.

I find it rather incredible that an enormous journalistic enterprise such as The Guardian would take such an implicit "Planned Parenthood is good, shutting it down would be a return to the dark ages" stance.  Particularly given that the article's title also implies that the majority of the people are in fact on the side of shutting Planned Parenthood down.

And just yesterday I listened to an interview on the rather execrable show Fresh Air with Nat Hentoff where, in the introduction, Dave Davies says that "many feminists were shocked when he wrote in opposition to abortion".  What about all of the pro-life people who were very pleased with what Hentoff wrote?

Clearly, this is yet another situation where, as with our recent presidential election, the MSM has assumed a position that's out of touch with the electorate.

And makes me wonder at what point it (the MSM) is going to become a prehistoric, forgotten beast.  I mean, a more integral journalistic effort at covering issue from The Guardian would have a title more like "Voters in Texas and Wisconsin May Shut Down Planned Parenthood in their States".

The complete irony of the MSM, then, is that it's about as wildly unregulated as a podcast or a personal blog, simply covering the topics it sees fit with the spin that it sees fit.

Which brings up the interesting issue of Trump allowing fringe and alternative media into his Press Conferences, including personal blogs.  Will this come to pass?  Alex Jones has been discussing it on his show.  Hard to tell when that guy is telling the truth or just being a windbag, but.  

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