Lindy West Quits Twitter

Lindy West just announced in this article in The Guardian that she's deactivated her Twitter account.  Her rationale, essentially, is that Twitter is in part responsible for Trump's election into office, since Twitter did nothing to stop his supporters.

I hate to disappoint anyone, but the breaking point for me wasn’t the trolls themselves (if I have learned anything from the dark side of Twitter, it is how to feel nothing when a frog calls you a cunt) – it was the global repercussions of Twitter’s refusal to stop them. The white supremacist, anti-feminist, isolationist, transphobic “alt-right” movement has been beta-testing its propaganda and intimidation machine on marginalised Twitter communities for years now – how much hate speech will bystanders ignore? When will Twitter intervene and start protecting its users? – and discovered, to its leering delight, that the limit did not exist. No one cared. Twitter abuse was a grand-scale normalisation project, disseminating libel and disinformation, muddying long-held cultural givens such as “racism is bad” and “sexual assault is bad” and “lying is bad” and “authoritarianism is bad”, and ultimately greasing the wheels for Donald Trump’s ascendance to the US presidency. Twitter executives did nothing.

Ugh.  Unbelievable.  A journalist advocating for widespread censorship, and claiming that Trump has only been elected to office due to unregulated free speech of horrible, hate-filled, inhumane people.

Smug and self-ritechous woman.  She reminds me of Joe Klein's idiotic statements on Charlie Rose about the need for a convening of "sanity caucus"--that a bunch of "sane people" need to meet and decide things for our country.

Since clearly, these two obviously think, the 48% of the country who voted for Trump are not sane, and have been brainwashed by the unregulated Nazi-esques on Twitter.
And yes, LMAO, she does bring in Nazis to strengthen her point.  Always such a strong defense.  Curb Twitter bc if you don't you're enabling the Nazis.

What a joke.

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