Jill Abramson, the Ambassador of "Facts"

Love this--in into to this article in The Guardian Jill Abramson writes "I've spent my career being scrupulous about the truth, whether on crowd size or on health care.  I know an attempt to deceive the American public when I see it."

This is the same Jill who, three years ago, wrote in the New York Times "the historical consensus [for Kennedy's death] seems to have settled on Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin."  And, as the former editor of the NYT it's certainly safe to assume that she's essentially a MSM hack who maintains that boxcutters are responsible for all of the buildings that collapsed on 9/11.

Jill, in other words, then, is saying that she's up for a good partisan fight with Kellyanne Conway.

Not, however, that's she's at all interested in confronting basic facts and proclaiming them in her writing.

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