Is it Good Journalism?

As much as I love reading Nathan J. Robinsons' Current Affairs article "Why You Should Never Listen to Nate Silver, Ever", and am dumbfounded that Silver's actually spinning his election prediction fiasco as positive (LMAO), I'm not so sure that the article's photograph, clearly designed to make him look like a dumb-fuck, is fair.

It reminds me of this Newsweek cover of Michelle Bachman, during her presidential run in 2012, clearly designed to make her look like a bimbo.  (According to Bachman's account of this incident in Huffington's Post's podcast "Candidate Confessional", this photo was taken as a "trial" photo by the photographer--he assured her that it would not be used--and the effect was created by flashing a bright light in her face just before taking the shot.)

My point is that good journalism shouldn't turn its subjects into cartoon like figures.  Let the facts speak for themselves, and let cartoon depictions be reserved for National Enquirer and The Onion.

Robinson compiles a convicting list of quotes from Silver that make him look like an arrogant ass--but the photograph makes a cheap shot.

As an aside....this Current Affairs publication--now what is it all about?  It looks pretty good to me, judging from the Silver article and this other--"You Should Be Terrified that People Who Like Hamilton Run Out Country"--regarding the idiocy of "our" obsession of the musical Hamilton.  

It's kind of raw--using the f-word at the end of the Silver article--zomg.  Only 8K Twitter followers, an unverified account.  Must be an up and coming kind of a thing.

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