Trump's phone call to Alex Jones

In this Video Alex Jones recounts that President Elect Donald Trump called to thank him and his listeners for their support in his winning candidacy.

The significance and implications of this phone call cannot be overstated.  Alex Jones, who to all things mainstream, embodies the fringe, the crazies, the alt-right, has just been publicly thanked by the new Leader of the Free World.  With this phone call, Trump has legitimized the alt-right, or at least Jones's pocket of it, indicating a seismic shift in what is considered acceptable journalism.  To note, Trump, in the same time frame, has also repeatedly railed against the New York Times on Twitter, accusing them of failing to report on the Trump phenomena and accusing them of lying about things he's said.

The MSM are laughing at this phone call to Alex (consider this Politico article, clearly bent on portraying Jones as a loon), but, wow, looking at the whole picture, if they're being honest, they also must be pissed and scared.  We can see signs of this anger in Obama's dismissing the electorate who voted for Trump as relying on "fake news", and in fact saying that this so-called fake news should be disallowed.  I don't even want to start in on that last point regarding the sitting power censoring the information we're able to consume.  Nor that he wrote off nearly half of the electorate (many of whom voted for him in '08 and '12) as being ill-informed, i.e., idiotic, in their voting decision.  Nor that he's censoring so-called fake news, and validating the MSM, just days after an election where every single source of mainstream media was preparing us for a Hillary win and Trump loss.  Not gonna go there.

I've had an epiphany and realize just how *awesome* Trump really is.  He's using his cachet as President Elect to call check mate on the MSM.  Let's hope they'll be forced to listen and clean things up.  Also awesome in that he actually values people like Alex Jones, who's hell bent on breaking down the facade of the mainstream media and telling it like it really is.  (Um, the actual fake-news are those organizations that have told us that fire can melt steel, and that men armed with boxcutters can penetrate and wreak havoc on the most powerful military the world has ever seen.)

My hope for his presidency only increases.  The bullshit that we're fed on a daily basis by the media is the most critical problem the country faces, as it totally impairs our ability to assess reality.  MSM is the real (sickeningly) fake news.  

On a side note, I was further impressed when, in his 60 minutes interview with Lesley Stahl, Trump said that he won't take a paycheck (turning down $400K/year) and doesn't plan to take vacations.  A real contrast to Mr. Vacation Obama he is!

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