Presidential Election

zOMG how could you not comment on this election?  

I like how Charlie Rose says (I'm paraphrasing) that he doesn't like to attribute election results to "a bunch of morons" (i.e., uneducated voters), as SOOOOO many people are, but rather as a measure of the population's psyche.  (This condescending mentality--that Trump voters are "a basket of deplorables"--is in part why he won.)

What I mean to say is that this election is more of a referendum on the population that it is on who we've elected.

I mean, listen to the pundits on the day of the election (e.g. John Dickerson on Charlie Rose, the NYT podcast "The Run Up") on the day of the election, some of them implicitly swearing Clinton into office, then hours later wondering "WTF???"

It's fascinating to see how off base "the experts" are!  (i.e. why are we calling them experts?)

And also fascinating to see that Trump has singlehandedly (singlehandedly since, as so many journalists have reported, he did not have the mammoth panel of advisors that Hillary did, but rather primarily listened to himself to guide his campaign) beat two machine-like political dynasties--primarily through the use of free social media!  As much as you might hate him, you've got to be fascinated by the guy.  Clearly, he's more politically astute than he comes across.  And what a relief that the Bushes and Clintons have come to an end (we may be hearing from Chelsea but).  

I love this episode of The Run Up Podcast, taped at 3:30 on election night, where these NYT journalists are swirling around the questions: "Did we over report on Clinton's e-mails?!  WHO ELSE might have successfully beaten this guy?"  I guess what I'm saying is that there's an implicit "Goddamnit, were did we go wrong" tone to these journalists and so we can't trust their assessment of the political barometer since they overwhelmingly represent the establishment which the population (or fly over country, and the south, really) has just rebelled against.  

And this second one is really great -- it's a montage of very memorable and quotable quotes from the past 15 or so months of this crazy campaign.  

Worth listening to, especially the second one.  

Somehow, for me, this feels like a real victory.  I guess that when I saw that Roger Stone was on board with Trump I realized that an actual  clear thinking human being was actually supporting the guy, and I put a little more faith in him.  It feels to me like the voters do actually have some clarity and I have more faith in our future.  

Maybe we're not completely screwed. 

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