NYT Letter to Subscribers

Ha!  This letter is hilarious.  Caught red handed.

Honestly, a boycott of this newspaper needs to be organized to drive them out of business in an effort to clean up journalism.  As Sulzberger acknowledges in the letter, the NYT is dependent on subscribes for money, and they are totally out of touch with the electorate in their reporting.

Why then do they persist?  (I.e. who are the idiots who pay these guys?)
I wonder how journalism and the media, and this newspaper specifically, will play out and fare in this post-election environment.  My current mood, and I could see this playing out generally with other people, is a kind of 'meh' attitude towards them and what they have to say, a passive dismissal.

And a hunger for something else, a more eager willingness to embrace alternative news.  Maybe mainstream really does equate to banal and fallacy.  

The person who always, always lies and who is abusive (By abusive I mean that they've communicated the idea that Trump and his voters are uneducated, low-information, racist)  will ultimately get written off, right?  Dismissed.  That is, unless he or she has something else valuable to give.

And does the media?  Provide us with anything?

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