NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour

I just watched this podcast live and man is it ever produced.  At the end the producer had each of the panelists repeat several phrases or sentences from the show, sometimes asking them to repeat the phrase in "happy" and "neutral" tones.

This really confirmed my suspicions that NPR podcasts are overly produced and the idealist/purist in me isn't impressed.  This just doesn't seem to be in keeping with the spirit of podcasts, which are supposed to be people in their garages riffing about whatever.   Speaking of which, I just listened to a 2 hour episode from the Best Album in the World Podcast, in which I suspect very little was taken out, about the Nirvana Unplugged album (Episode #16).

This also is why I like the Comedy Film Nerds; they deliberately take very little out of their podcasts--it's the raw, real deal!  

However, given that I shelled out money to buy the ticket for the PCHH Live Show, and that I've been listening to it for (zOMG!) over six years now, it clearly has a grip on me.  I do think that the panel is well, a little different from the regular PCHH crowd.  Honestly I really wonder about that Glen Weldon guy being on the panel.  He's such a cynic--in this live show going so far as to say that street musicians shouldn't be allowed.  He just doesn't seem to be in that spirit of so many other NPR people who are kind of banal and sickeningly nice.  I don't know.  I wonder what he's going there.  Is he an institutional fit?  Steven Thompson I've really grown to like.  And Linda Holmes, is well, awesome.

Dunno.  For NPR, it's a good podcast and one that I consistently come back to week after week.

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