Did we destroy the death star?

I loved these tweets from Roseanne Barr's Twitter account.  I had no idea that she was such an avid Trump supporter.  I guess that they reflect my own reaction to this election; it feels like the little guy is really kicking it to the elites, and that the elites are left with some mud in their faces due to their shoddy coverage of this campaign.

Additionally, omg, yes, the amount of brainwashing and mind control that's gone into making the anti-Trump people think that he's somehow the devil, and that everyone who voted for him is demonic and pro-nazi, hate filled, the worst of the worst.

Now is this a victory a scale on the level that Barr is claiming it to be?  Probably my biggest reservation towards Trump is how heavily entrenched he is in Jews; all of his grandchildren are Jews, Ivanka and Jared are Jews; and so he may be emphatically pro-Israel (and therefore anti-Palestine).

However, it's a complicated conundrum.  Is he really victim to the Jewish lobby?  It doesn't appear so, seeing as how they smeared him during the campaign (all media in the US is Jewish-run.).

So, I don't know.  My overall views towards his presidency are optimistic.  And becoming even more so the more I hear from him.

Maybe we really did destroy the death star with this election!

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