Author : The JT Leroy Story

I actually watched this movie.  To the end.  I say that with awe in hindsight, as the trailer make it look very enticing.

This 110 minute film haphazardly documents the writing and musical career of Laura Albert, who channeled (so to speak) an alternate male persona, JT Leroy, in order to write several books, and who then enticed her sister in law into becoming the public face of LeRoy.

Needless to say, Albert's story and psychosis is a complicated one, and the documentary almost deliberately presented the information non-chronically, withholding crucial biographical details until the very last few minutes.

It also documents a TON of recorded conversations, with the likes of Courtney Love (who really has the best lines of the film), Debbie Harry, and other famous people JT Leroy mingled with.  How were these conversations retained, I wonder?  In the Courtney Love conversation, she pauses mid conversation to snort cocaine, which was hilarious.  But still I wondered--how many of us record all of our conversations, especially back in the 90s and early 2000s, when many of these conversations took place?

Eventually journalists are onto LeRoy and expose her as a fraud, which is one thing that I found reassuring about this film--it presented the idea that journalists are in fact interested in uncovering the truth and that at times they do exactly that.

Dunno what else to say.  In that it's an unusual story it's worth looking into, and if it were about 20-30 minutes shorter I'd recommend it.  But as it is,  I found it confusidng and tedious.

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