Seahawks Cardinals Game Sunday

Just have to put in my two cents, or really regurgitate a comment that I read online, regarding this bizarre game.

What are the odds that two field goal kickers would miss at less than 30 yards?  Less than 5%, I'd estimate--or probably even less.

However, when you look at the game in its entirety--zero touchdowns, all points scored exclusively from the field goal kickers--by the end of the game Hauschka and Catanzaro must have felt the enormity of the pressure placed on them and cracked.

I liked this comment from Glen Edwards, taken from the comment section in this article.

A game like last night where every point is solely on the kicker is pressure on the kicker all night long they are not used to dealing with. The special teams defenders know that it's all on them to make the difference to prevent a long punt or kick return or get after the punters and kickers to block or disrupt the timing. So it may appear to be mishaps and sloppy and ugly special teams play, and there was some of that, but it was really more of an extra effort to be all out disruptive to prevent field goals as that was the only way the teams were going to score.

 Additionally, as he states, the defense was going crazy with each field goal--as evidenced by Bobby Wagner jumping over the Cardinals to block the field goal.

Maybe from this point of view, what transpired wasn't so incredible.

But still pretty surprising.

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