Mr. Robot Exerpts

Here's two separate passages from Mr. Robot, taken from episodes towards the end of the first season.

Darlene: What if this all went away--the city, the money--all of it.
Darlene's Hook-up: What, like a zombie apocolapyse or something?
D: More like a revolution.
Hook-up: Last time we hooked up we agreed to check politics at the door.
D: There's no middle anymore. There's just rich and poor.
Hook-up: Look this shit is too heavy for me this early.  I've got to go to work.
D: Right.....solving the world's problems, one spreadsheet at at time.
Hook-up: Hey it's either suits like me or the government. You know how well they handle things.
D: Why can't the world just take care of itself?
Hook-up: Because the worlds is filled with stupid people.  And I get paid a lot to be smart.  Hey, there's not just the rich and the poor.  There's you, in the middle somewhere, the consummate survior. (kisses her)

Elliot: This isn't my family, none of them are real.
Mr. Robot: Neither is whoever you're talking to.
Elliot: You're not real.
Mr. Robot: And what?  You are?  Is any of this real?  A world built on fantasy.  Synthetic emotions in the form of pills.  Psychological warfare in the form of advertising.  Mild-altering chemicals in the form of food.  Brain-washing seminars in the form of media.  Controlled isolated bubbles in the form of social networks.  Real?  You wanna talk about reality?  We haven't lived in anything remotely close to it since the turn of the century.

The second passage is so, so much better than the first.  The first, while trying to address similar issues, sounds cliched and wince inducing, while the second is insightful, making important points about how we consume information.

I wonder if this is due to different writers?

And why are they giving the best lines to the men?

Anyway, this is basically my reaction to this show, after watching the first season--it has glimpses into insightful commentary on our culture, but then lapses into comical cliches.

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