Mika and the First Great Presidential Debate

"I think, probably, we all think Hillary won....I just wouldn't be surprised if he came out doing better in the polls after this."

This is an interesting statement that Mika Brzezinski made, one that I corroborate.  Hillary had some powerful zingers in the debate: "Trumped up trickle down economics" (well that's sort of wince-inducingly clever), her rebuttal to his belittling her for preparing for the debates; "Donald criticized me for preparing for this debate....I (also) prepared to be President"; and her calling him out for all of the degrading comments he's made towards women.

However, her body language conveyed a smugness, an "I'm going to just get out of the way and let the clown destroy himself with his ridiculous rhetoric", that could really incite ire in a certain kind of person.

That kind of person is someone who feels very marginalized from the establishment, and who can see unmistakably that Hillary's a cornerstone to the establishment.

In this respect, Trump's defensive rantings (which were quite incoherent, particularly in the case of explaining that he did not support the Iraq War--he brought in age-old conversations with Sean Hannity) actually may have serve to aid him, as he sounded like a little guy defending himself against a powerful tyrannical politician.

And another point that I'll make about these debates, that touches on a topic that (I hope to anyway) be posting on at some point, is how each candidate claimed to resort exclusively to "facts" to support his/her arguments, then openly also supported speculative, dubious claims.  Hillary did this when she responded to Trump at one point by saying "let's look at the facts" and another time "Donald I know that you live in your own reality"; presumably implying that she considers indisputable facts as the basis of her arguments.  Yet later in the debates she makes the conspiratorial claim that the Russian Intelligence hacked into the Democratic Party e-mails, causing Wasserman-Shultz to resign.

This sort of filthy thinking--resorting to facts when they support you, then to conspiratorial claims when they support you--is a cancerous sickness in our culture that's, well, seeped into everything.  And seriously impedes our ability to think, to assess reality.

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