Bo Jackson and Marshawn Lynch

With the onset of the NFL season this past week, I can't help but feel a pang that Marshawn Lynch isn't in the game anymore.

Watch this incredible video from the NFL with highlights from his career.  What a remarkable running back!  

Lynch reminds me a lot of Bo Jackson.  After watching the awesome 30 for 30 documentary "You Don't Know Bo" on Netflix, I have an appreciation of just what a bright and shortly burning flame Jackson's career turned out to be--with equally amazing ability in football and baseball.

Both, too, have unusual personalities.  Lynch has his comically exagerrated taciturn personality, that even incurred fees from the NFL when he would answer every. question. in. an. interview. with "yea"(!), and Jackson is, well, sweet and very real.   His fame did not seem to do anything to change his sweet and humble personality.   

Lynch - says 'yeah' 40 times in an interview.

Lynch - "over and over"

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