Thoughts on USA and Military Industrial Complex

Putin:  "I would like to ask Mr. Ambassador what he thinks of the USA's unilateral withdrawal from the ABM Treaty."

Matlock:  "I was personally opposed to that withdrawal and I take your point.  I would say that I don't think that any subsequent plans for the sort of deployments were or could be a threat to Russian systems.  But in general, I am not a supporter of ABM systems.  I would point out that I think the main source of that is not to threaten Russia but to secure employment in the United States.  A lot comes from the military-industrial complex and the number of people it employs."

Putin (laughing):  "Mr. Ambassador, I find your arguments unconvincing.  I have the greatest respect for your experience and diplomatic skills.  Of which you have given us a flawless demonstration, avoiding a direct answer.  Well, you did answer my questions, but not without some embellishments.  One should not create jobs when the result of this activity threatens all of humanity.  

Excerpted from Brother Nathaniel’s video here

I found the DNC speech BN referenced in this video horrendous.  Laughably politically correct, with various ethnicities and races dotted around General Allen's face, the speech speaks to just how thoroughly brainwashed we've become.  

Since when has robust support for the military industrial complex been the platform of the Democratic Party?  Democrats are so so fickle; when Bush was supporting a war, they were enraged.  However, they're in fact congratulatory of Hillary's promise of hawkish behavior. It sickens me that killing people can be a source of national pride, and that our diplomat, Matlock, justifies the proliferation of the military industrial complex as a means to boost our economy.

Our country is much worse off than we probably realize.  The fact that so many (including Clinton and CIA former director Mike Morell) demonize Putin, when from the quote above he's the humane one, points to our skewed and sick point of view.  

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