Saw Chuck Klosterman the other day.....


He lets himself go and it's trendy (whereas the rest of us would look slovenly).
He engages in conspiracy theories and it's kitsch.  (Probably because he dabbles in them but endorses the mainstream perspective, and despite his claim to resort to reason in all things says he doesn't know if fire can melt steel!)

Just the sound of his voice, after listening for awhile, became wince inducing; it's quirkiness reflects bubblegum pop.  A brainwshed set of opinions that appeal to nothing but popularity.  Reason floats in and out.  The real criteria is being in alignment with the accepted (ie NYT) perspective.

He's totally banal, recalling the line "Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for this is how their ancestors treated the false prophets."  A lot of people were at this talk, I mean to say.  Relished his every word.

I don't know.  He may have some insight into football, or rock music, but outside of that, derive your information elsewhere.  A totally faux edginess to this guy.  I mean, he worked for the New York Times.  Give me a break.  That's not edgy at all.  That's quite established.  And we all know how idiotic the establishment is.

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