Jason Bourne (Somewhat Spoilery)

Well this movie certainly does not deserve the Rotten Tomatoes score it's received of 57%; at least not if The Shallows has received a score of 76%!!!  Wow.  Goes to show that you can't trust these reviews.  If anything these scores should be reversed, although The Shallows really should be around 45%.

So yeah my point is that this movie isn't bad.  That kind of good, engrossing, but forgettable movie.

Some car chase scenes that make you feel like you're watching a Fast and Furious Movie, which makes them pretty fun albeit comically unrealistic.

Matt Damon, as I've said before, can carry a movie, although I think he's teetering on being that age where he'll look too old-maney and less hunky.  He may have just a few years left.

And Julia Stiles.....there's someone who's aged rather unfortunately.  She looked genuinely weather beaten, beat up.

Hm, I'm being rather merciless in this review, but perhaps that's why they decided to kill her off.

And the plot's somewhat thin.  Imagine that.

But worth it,  I think.  Makes for a fun night out, and for a two hour movie I wasn't even that bored, really.  Ever.  

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