Circuitous Rant

I found this tweet a little disturbing.  I wonder how many children will end up seeing this movie?  Judging from the fact that it's (yet ANOTHER!!!!) Seth Rogan movie, it's probably entrenched in filth.

And yes I am going to go here......why is this guy given the green light to produce filth, over and over again?  The simple answer is that he's a Jew, of course.

Oh, and can you believe it?  Hollywood's putting out another Holocaust movie this year; this time it's Anthropoid.  When are the goy going to put their foot down and say enough of this nonsense?  We've been inundated with these g-d Jewish pity parties, beginning, probably, with Marathon Man in 1976.

Also on Twitter, I recently discovered that if you google 'white man white women', the result (in both images and articles) is a bunch of inter racial couples.  So bizarre.  I'm not going to try to interpret what the motivation is behind this overt manipulation, but suffice it to say that we're living in a country that makes every bit as much of an effort to control our minds and the information we receive as China.  And don't we love to caricature China as woefully totalitarian, and the Chinese as pitiably oppressed, and unfree?

That's probably the American's greatest delusion; this idea that we're living in a free country with free information.  NOT!!  Not quite.  Not quite at all.

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