Anne of Green Gables

I just listened to Anne of Green Gables in its entirety on LibraVox--a site for free public domain audiobooks read by volunteers from around the world.  There's a lot be listened to in this online resource!

What a wholesome, fun, and nostalgic story!

Although it does become almost sickeningly so.  How many times does L. M. Montgomery use the words "imagination" or "kindred spirit" in this and the other Anne books?  Or "depths of despair", lol.  Anne's constantly "using her imagination", or assessing another person's imagination, or bemoaning him/her for not having one.  And all of the rejoicing over the kindred spirits that come across her path, or discerning that a person is in fact a kindred spirit behind a rough exterior, ugh.  The plot also has a tiresome pattern of Anne causing a comical humiliating fiasco and then, after the subsequent falling out, managing to win over the upset person(s) with her irresistible personality--for example in Anne's outburst to Rachel Lynde, her baking fiasco with Mrs. Allen the Paster's wife, her unintentionally getting Diana Berry drunk, and her accidentally jumping on Diana's Aunt in bed.  I read that after writing several of the Anne books that Montgomery became tired of the Anne character and I don't blame her!


Looking for Mary by Beverly Donofrio

Really surprised by Beverly Donofrio's book Searching for Mary.  After reading Donofrio's memoir Riding in Cars with Boys I'd safely put her into an I-hate-religion-and-Catholicism-in-particular box.  I guess because she's wildly promiscuous and a staunch feminist, it seemed she'd find a religion that teaches chastity and is (perceived to be) sexist viscerally repulsive.  Oh, and her experience of losing her childhood due to motherhood at the age of 17 seemed to have turned her off of God entirely.

And yet she swallowed it!  The whole mouthful!  I could hardly believe it.  In this spiritual memoir, Donofrio Confesses her sins, receives Communion, attends daily Mass, prays rosaries constantly,  and visits Medjugorje, that haven for the most saccharine of all the Marian fanatics.  Almost hilarious, honestly.   To read on the one hand her experiences of working with NPR and the on the other miracles associated with her crying statue of the BVM!


The Heart

In the desert
I saw a creature, naked, bestial,
Who, squatting upon the ground,
Held his heart in his hands,
And ate of it.

I said, "Is it good, friend?"
"It is bitter--bitter," he answered;
"But I like it
Because it is bitter,
And because it is my heart."

Stephen Crane


Saw Chuck Klosterman the other day.....


He lets himself go and it's trendy (whereas the rest of us would look slovenly).
He engages in conspiracy theories and it's kitsch.  (Probably because he dabbles in them but endorses the mainstream perspective, and despite his claim to resort to reason in all things says he doesn't know if fire can melt steel!)

Just the sound of his voice, after listening for awhile, became wince inducing; it's quirkiness reflects bubblegum pop.  A brainwshed set of opinions that appeal to nothing but popularity.  Reason floats in and out.  The real criteria is being in alignment with the accepted (ie NYT) perspective.

He's totally banal, recalling the line "Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for this is how their ancestors treated the false prophets."  A lot of people were at this talk, I mean to say.  Relished his every word.

I don't know.  He may have some insight into football, or rock music, but outside of that, derive your information elsewhere.  A totally faux edginess to this guy.  I mean, he worked for the New York Times.  Give me a break.  That's not edgy at all.  That's quite established.  And we all know how idiotic the establishment is.


Circuitous Rant

I found this tweet a little disturbing.  I wonder how many children will end up seeing this movie?  Judging from the fact that it's (yet ANOTHER!!!!) Seth Rogan movie, it's probably entrenched in filth.

And yes I am going to go here......why is this guy given the green light to produce filth, over and over again?  The simple answer is that he's a Jew, of course.

Oh, and can you believe it?  Hollywood's putting out another Holocaust movie this year; this time it's Anthropoid.  When are the goy going to put their foot down and say enough of this nonsense?  We've been inundated with these g-d Jewish pity parties, beginning, probably, with Marathon Man in 1976.

Also on Twitter, I recently discovered that if you google 'white man white women', the result (in both images and articles) is a bunch of inter racial couples.  So bizarre.  I'm not going to try to interpret what the motivation is behind this overt manipulation, but suffice it to say that we're living in a country that makes every bit as much of an effort to control our minds and the information we receive as China.  And don't we love to caricature China as woefully totalitarian, and the Chinese as pitiably oppressed, and unfree?

That's probably the American's greatest delusion; this idea that we're living in a free country with free information.  NOT!!  Not quite.  Not quite at all.


Thoughts on USA and Military Industrial Complex

Putin:  "I would like to ask Mr. Ambassador what he thinks of the USA's unilateral withdrawal from the ABM Treaty."

Matlock:  "I was personally opposed to that withdrawal and I take your point.  I would say that I don't think that any subsequent plans for the sort of deployments were or could be a threat to Russian systems.  But in general, I am not a supporter of ABM systems.  I would point out that I think the main source of that is not to threaten Russia but to secure employment in the United States.  A lot comes from the military-industrial complex and the number of people it employs."

Putin (laughing):  "Mr. Ambassador, I find your arguments unconvincing.  I have the greatest respect for your experience and diplomatic skills.  Of which you have given us a flawless demonstration, avoiding a direct answer.  Well, you did answer my questions, but not without some embellishments.  One should not create jobs when the result of this activity threatens all of humanity.  


Jason Bourne (Somewhat Spoilery)

Well this movie certainly does not deserve the Rotten Tomatoes score it's received of 57%; at least not if The Shallows has received a score of 76%!!!  Wow.  Goes to show that you can't trust these reviews.  If anything these scores should be reversed, although The Shallows really should be around 45%.

So yeah my point is that this movie isn't bad.  That kind of good, engrossing, but forgettable movie.

Some car chase scenes that make you feel like you're watching a Fast and Furious Movie, which makes them pretty fun albeit comically unrealistic.

Matt Damon, as I've said before, can carry a movie, although I think he's teetering on being that age where he'll look too old-maney and less hunky.  He may have just a few years left.

And Julia Stiles.....there's someone who's aged rather unfortunately.  She looked genuinely weather beaten, beat up.

Hm, I'm being rather merciless in this review, but perhaps that's why they decided to kill her off.

And the plot's somewhat thin.  Imagine that.

But worth it,  I think.  Makes for a fun night out, and for a two hour movie I wasn't even that bored, really.  Ever.  


Steven Mnuchin

I'm puzzled by Steven Mnuchin, Trump's Finance Chair.

From this interview on Charlie Rose, and a few internet searches, he strikes me as the quintessential dyed in the wool Jewish Democrat.

Yet he's working for a Republican Presidential Campaign.

His Wikipedia page a few days ago mentioned that he's donated thousands of dollars to Democratic Candidates; yet today now says that he's donated to Romney's Presidency.

How easy is it to tweak Wikipedia 'facts'?  In this instance, it appears quite easy.

Well, to me, seeing this man as Trump's Finance Chair reinforces the notions that a) the two political parties are more the same than ever, and that b) Trump really doesn't see himself as a Republican at all, but is using the party as a vessel towards becoming president.