Trump's Speech, the Republican Convention

Yeah I definitely ended the convention with a "Trump might be an ok guy" feeling.  In all of the reviews, no one seems to be saying that this was a pretty good speech.  Every word did seem to come from the heart.  (Did you hear him say it--Trump loves us!!).

Ivanka's introduction of him didn't hurt either, nor did Roger Stone's interview on Charlie Rose.  (Stone is such a cool character, it's assuring that he's on Trump's side).  Also liked Tom Barrack's speech, and his interview on Charlier Rose.  It was the most natural speech I heard, and seemed to humanize Trump.

I guess that what I'm saying is that these seemingly reputable man endorsing Trump make me think that maybe he isn't such a bad guy after all.

The trophy wives are a little bizarre, though.  And an uncanny number of blonde women seemed to speak at the Convention--obviously his two daughters Tiffany and Ivanka, as well as Laura Ingraham (damn, she looks good for 53!  And she gave a good speech...inspiring woman), Pam Bondi (FLA Attorney General), Michelle Van Etton (some pyramid scheme owner), Callista Gingrich, Eric Trump (er wait.).  There may be more.  A lot of these women spoke on Wednesday.  Dunno.  Maybe blondes weren't overly represented, I haven't done a formal analysis, but just with this superficial assessment I'm pretty sure that they were.

Guess what I'm speculating at is that perhaps Trump, in addition to having trophy wives, also wanted a 'certain type' of women speaking at his convention, and hand picked them himself.  

Ted Cruz's speech made the convention feel like high drama theater.  Zomg.

And looks like the wall isn't just some hyperbolic primary promise, since he continues to mention it.  But could he really pull something like that off?

Ah geez.  I live in a state that's going blue, so I don't need to deliberate too much about the indecipherable character of this man.  

And if he is as bad as some think, at least I can console myself with the assurance that Armageddon will be coming down the pike at some point, regardless.  

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