The Shallows - Spoiler Alert!

For two weeks in a row now at the movies I've watched people commit career suicide - Anthony Weiner in the documentary Weiner, when he--well we all know what he did--and now this week Blake Lively --by starring in The Shallows.

Yes.  It really was that bad.   But I'll start with the good stuff.

The movie starts out very promising.  Lively being driven out to a beeautiful, relatively remote beach.  The conversation on the way out with her driver, a local Mexican (she's near Tijuana), is funny.  She's got great jewelry, and well, I was very very scared for her several times throughout the movie.  It felt like a real thriller.  Such as in the scene above, when she first encounters the shark.

This picture doesn't do the jewelry justice, but.  

Here's Lively stranded on the low-tide-only rock.  And a high tide that comes every 22 hours.  

And yeah.  Then a few holes start to set in.  When the shark shows its ugly head, she manages to swim to a rock that's fully submerged during high tide.  Except she spends the entire night on the rock, and high tide never comes til late in the afternoon the next day.   Umm, k.

This is the buoy she swims to when the rock is fully submerged due to high tide.
And when her buddies who she'd been surfing with the previous day see her the next morning out on the rock, and she screams to them to go back in the water, they're totally unphased, and dismiss her warnings by explaining to her that there are no sharks in the water.  Wouldn't they be slightly alarmed given her frantic state?

And the finale, which is well, where the movie becomes so bad that it's actually good.  The shark dies somehow by plummeting itself into an anchor at the bottom of the ocean.  Lively, barely alive, floats to shore.  Where she spots the little bird who'd been keeping her company and who's wing she fixed (I'm not doing the cheesiness of these scenes justice; you kind of just have to see the movie).

Then, in the final wrap up scene, Lively is back on the beach on Galveston with her sister and father.  (A little back story; her mother ('a real fighter') has just passed away, and Lively, a med student, had been taking a haitus from med school during her Tijuana stint.)  We're not quite sure if Lively's going to go in the water, given her traumatic experience with the shark.   As she heads into the water with her sister, her father beams "You're mother would be proud".  And her sister says, "Come on Dr. Linda, let's go."

Ha ha, it was fun to watch this one in the theater where people were laughing out loud at these final scenes which were intended to be wrought with emotion.   

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