DNC speakers

Really liked this Twitter comment.  Noticed from the line-up that the speakers at the DNC seem to fall into two categories; the uber-successful politicians (Obama, Clinton, Warren) and 'nobodies' who Clinton's going to help (the woman who demanded equal pay at her pizza joint, various people she's met at town hall meeting.)

Guess they're communicating a 'we really care about average people.'  But something about the juxtaposition with uber elite with nobodies seems disingenuous.

Of all the speakers slated to speak at the Democratic Convention, probably the one I take greatest exception to is Lauren Manning.  Her bio at the DNC page reads

Lauren was a former executive and partner at Cantor Fitzgerald.  She is one of the most catastrophically wounded survivors of 9/11.  Lauren battled single digit odds of survival, spending more than six months in the hospital and fought recovering through the next decade from an 82.5% total body burn.  Lauren asked then senator Hillary Clinton to support the injured and she has remained unflagging in her commitment and dedication.
(Questionable phrasing --"fought recovering"?)

Given Hilary's LONG history in elite politics, and her support of the Iraqui War, she undoubtedly is well aware (and in fact condoned) of the false flag attacks of 9/11.

And now she's using one of these victims of violence she approved (to kill citizens she represents!) in a bleeding heart effort to further her own career!

Demonstrates just what a sick woman Hillary really is, and deepens the insincerity of these bleeding heart speakers; Clinton is not concerned with the poor or maimed or disenfranchised at all.

I am scared to see this woman in office.  More scared, possibly, then I would be if Trump wins the election.

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