Charlie Rose Coverage of RNC, DNC

Charlie Rose aired 202 minutes of programming covering DNC vs 128 minutes covering the RNC.

This overt biased is unbelievable.  I especially loved Rose's ultra partisan interview with Jim Messina, in which Messina claims that Clinton's soul far surpasses that of Trumps, and that Kaine is the. nicest. man. ever. to. roam. the. planet. EVER.

Dude. What a shameless spectacle of partisan masturbation.

And this drives home the message that the DNC's choice of speakers conveyed; that the Democrats are an elitist group that sends an obsequious nod to the paraplegics amongst us and then resumes it's insular self important party of privilege.  Rose, an elitist like the rest of them, wants to sit around and gab.


I'm having a visceral reaction that's swaying me in the Trump direction.  Of course he's wealthy, but he flaunts it and doesn't, like Hillary, pay homage to the poor and destitute amongst us then walk around with a $3.5K handbag.

Oh, and I loved this article that suggests that to vote for Trump means that you're white trash.

Give me a break.  

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