The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Am reading this book for the 2nd or perhaps the 3rd time.  I last read probably 15-20 years ago.  And cannot believe how much it holds up.  I love all of the passages that describe nature; the river, rain storms, Jim and Huck's adventures hunting on Jackson Island hunting, etc.  Can really tell how much Mark Twain loved the outdoors and the Mississippi River.

And such an original story.

Hm, yes, the book has a big emphasis on dreams and superstition.  Interesting to note that although Twain seems to outright dismiss superstition (referring satirically to Jim and Huck's plethora of superstitious beliefs), he doesn't dismiss the significance of dreams; as in his own life he was impacted by a prophetic dream that he had regarding his brother's death.

I'd often regarded, I mean to say, Twain as a cynic and sheer rationalist, and hadn't been aware of this aspect of his personality.  

Why the name Huckleberry?  Was it at all common at the time?

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