OJ: Made in America Trailer

Wow, talk about a good trailer!  I've watched it five times now, I can't recall another trailer that's so captivated my imagination.  Mostly it's the two renditions of "Oh Sinner Man" played back to back. What a perfect song, an "African American Spiritual Song" (er, is it still PC to say Negro Spiritual?), played to all of the images of OJ scoring touchdowns and the infamous car chase just before his arrest.  

Unfortunately I do not have access to ESPN because I so want to watch this documentary in its entirety.  I've listened to reviews of it on Pop Culture Happy Hour, and an interesting interview here on Charlie Rose with Director Ezra Edelman, prosecuting attorney in the OJ trial Marcia Clark, and (one of the) Defense attorneys Carl Douglas.  

It sounds pretty engrossing.  Although it also sounds like a junk food kind of obsession, perhaps like wanting to eat an entire pan of brownies.  The Simpson trial reflected our infatuation with pop culture, and the fact that 21 years later we're still interested in it enough to sit through another 8 hour documentary---  Dunno.  We seem a bit lost as a culture.  Couldn't we instead put out energy into perhaps ridding the US of Homeland Security, somehow reversing this encroaching totalitarian police state?   

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