Demetri Martin

Just watched his Netflix Special; Demetri Martin: Live (at the Time).  It's pretty good, he prefaces the show with something like "ok I've got a lot of jokes and I'm just going to start throwing them out at you."  And that's pretty much what the show is, a litany of unrelated small jokes, mostly observational comedy.  Like I was telling my sister (and she corroborated), the show started to feel tedious in this respect, like hearing a bunch of really good knock knock jokes back to back.  Did he ever get personal?  It doesn't seem so.

A few of the ones that stood out (for me--paraphrasing)

"I have an L-shaped couch.  Lower case l".

"Why do people say 'I'm A-ok' when asked how they're doing?  Sounds like the first in a list of multiple choice answers; "I'm A-ok, B-suicidial, C-horny, D, all of the above."

Very clever cute jokes, but kind of er, like I said, tedious; he doesn't seem to be making any pithy statements the way comedy oftentimes can, but just cleverly pointing out inconsistencies in our language.

But I did like him.  I guess that he's A-Ok.  It's always inspiring for me to listen to a well-developed stand up comic.

I'd really really like to see his movie, Dean, that just came out about a month ago.  Now what kind of distribution does it have?  Not playing anywhere in my town.  Maybe in a few weeks.......

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