The Sanity Caucus

There's an awful lot of sane rational people roaming around in the area of public policy and in politics and none of them are being expressed in the course of a presidential campaign or the way things work in Washington, it's all the extremes.
There's got to be at some point in the next couple of years a convening of the sanity caucus.  A group of people has got to say we can't just continue as a country in this way......It's time for the grown ups to step back in a little bit.                                             Joe Klein on Charlie Rose, 4/20/16
(Isn't it fair to conclude that by 'insane' Klein's not referencing Sanders, nor Clinton, tho possibly the extreme conservative Cruz, and most certainly, and perhaps exclusively, Trump and his supporters?)

Perhaps one thing we can conclude for certain is many of that these so called political experts; Joe Klein, Axelrod, Plouffe, are somewhat worthless in this political climate--to both predict and interpret what's going on.  Axelrod candidedly admited on Charlie Rose last week that he never anticipated the Trump phonemenon; he thought that it would die out.

And Klein has attributed the Trump phonmenon to Low Information Voters, or in the above instance, to a lot of insane people.

Fortunately some jounalists have dug a little deeper to discover an explanation for the Trump phenomenon; Robert Costa's attributing it to people so disillusioned with the establishment that they're calling for a paradigm shift--and Trump's just the person to bring this about, they feel, since he's a wealthy, unconventional outsider (tho Trump travelled in weathy New York circles, he was always on the outside, Costa explained in his interview with Rose on 4/4)

And as I quoted in this post, Ed Luce said that Trump supporters are giving the finger to the establishment.

And Mike Halpern too, acknowledges a schism between established Washington politicians and a hurting populus; and that Sanders and Trump are able to speak with emotion to these people's losses from the War and the 2007 financial crash.

Perhaps the problem with so many of the pundits we have to suffer through is that they are a part of this priviliged establishement, are living in a bubble, and so can see no other explanation for a person voting for Trump other that insanity.  Probably too, their rantings and 'interpretations' of the political climate will become increasingly vacuous in this (as they see it anyway) unpredictable time.

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