Primary Speeches 4/26/16

In listening to the Primary Speeches from last Tuesday (CT DE, PA, RI, MD), Bernie's sounded substantially more substantial than both Hilary's and Trump's.  Trump spoke in his painfully basic vagaries about 'winning', and 'making America great again' and over and over and over again about the media and how they're mis-treating him.  Basically a narcissistic Dick-and-Jane-level speech, you'd call it I guess.

And Hilary had to include a wince inducing emotional tale about some poor pathetic cancer ridden single mother she came across in some mid-western state.  I can't stand these anecdotes, more than likely it's fabricated or exaggerated, and so unconvincing.  Since in a country of millions, how does one person's strife demonstrate that there's a systemic problem?

Bernie, on the other hand, presented some startling statistics about the death rate and age of death in various counties within West Virginia, making the point that people who lived in poorer counties died at significantly lower ages than wealthier counties.  He called, in his speech, poverty a "death sentence".  

This is a real point.  He's actually talking about citizens--not about himself--and about a systemic problem.  

I find it a little disconcerting that neither of the former candidates said anything nearly so substantive, and they're both the likely nominees.

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