Even Better than the Primaries

As riveting as I found Indiana's primary last night, I found this new exclusive-to-Netflix movie, Special Correspondents even moreso.

Written, directed, and starring Ricky Gervais, Correspondents is perhaps a bit more toned down from the wacky Office but still subtly hilarious.  It tells the story of Gervais' and a journalist's (played by Eric Bana) misadventures on a research trip to Ecuador.  Looks like it's a remake from a French film.

Vera Farmiga plays Gervais' selfish wife.  Honestly, I liked her performance from Up In The Air better; in Correspondents she was just a little to silly and exaggerated.  But she's a good actress and so can't really go wrong.  

And America Ferrera played a role, looking very svelte and attractive.  I haven't seen her in anything since Ugly Betty.

And the movie (no spoilers!) wraps up nicely, it's a clean and crisp and original story.

Recommend it.

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