The Sound of Revolution

Really enjoyed this interview with Charlie Rose and Robert Costa about Costa's 96 minute interview with Donald Trump.  It shed some light on Trump's persona and his supporters.  It's good to watch the interview in person because Costa's facial expressions reveal many of his opinions.  Here's some good takeaway quotes.

why Trump's perceived as an outsider

He likes to be the loner....if you talk to people on Wall Street and in the business community....they know Trump, they've been to parties with Trump, but he's not a part of the club....he considers himself to be someone who's outside of the mainstream. (Rose)  And there fore he can easily run against the establishment.

why is he running?

(Costa) Every time I see Trump he says 'I don't know why I'm doing this'...because he doesn't need the presidency....he talks about an internal monologue he has with himself.....public life is finally something he wants to do.

and the most interesting point in the interview;

(Rose) The people who are supporting him.....have no apparent connection other than they believe that he believes in them.  (Costa)  This is the most under covered point in the Campaign.  It's now always about Trump!....the Trump supporters....believe institutions have failed them across the board, and not just the Obama Administration--Republicans in Congress, corporate America, Wall Street, they feel they have stagnant wages...white working class America who feels like they are disengaged from their own country.....Trump is different, they want something different....Trump he's going to go around the whole system.  And that's what they want, wholesale change.  

Imo this desire for wholesale change is healthy.

Honestly, after 9-11 (that fantastic lie that's turned our country into a surveillance state) and the financial crash we ought to be pissed, foaming at the mouth, really.

And yet so often people reaction to increased hyper surveillance with zombie-like indifference.

Perhaps these Trump supporters; people who're advocating for the apple cart to be entirely turned over; indicate that there's actually still some humanity and sanity left to the population.

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