The Return of Trey Graham

I was SO HAPPY last Friday when I listened to Pop Culture Happy Hour and heard the sound of Trey Graham's voice!  It's been, what, 2, 3 years since he's been gone?  I realized while listening to the podcast that I'd never really gotten over his departure; ever since then there was a sadness when the 4th chair of the roundtable was occupied by a guest.  Which, well, seemed strange.  Hadn't realized how attached I had become to these voices streaming from my computer.  It's unclear, however, if he's back to stay or just as one of the 4th-chair-roatating guests.  Looks like he had a difficult stint with addiction that took him away from things for awhile.

For NPR, this podcasts offers remarkably original opinions and perspectives.  And Linda Holmes is such an awesome and perky host, what an excellent role model.  It can sometimes veer into the sickeningly predictable realm of PC (that land where Terri Gross lives), but then they come back around and have a great segment, such as on this show, where they talk about the best horrible movies.  Graham gave a five star contribution with Death Becomes Her, that horrible movie from the 90s with Goldie Hawn and Maryl Streep.  Their last segment 'what is making me happy this week' should be a routine that I do in my personal life.  Just haven't gotten around to that one yet.  Too many things to complain about, or whatever.

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