Summer Movies! The Good, The ??, The Bad, and The Ugly: My Predictions

Here's some great resouces for trailers/predictions on summer movies; this episode of NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour, and this article which shows trailers of 35 summer movies!

And a little of my own take on what's coming out May-August:

The Good!

Lights Out  - Release date July 22nd
Looks like this could be a real screamer, a great one to go to late on a summer night with some friends!

The Shallows - Release Date June 24
A woman trapped on a reef with a shark circling around her - this looks like it could be a fun one too.

Jason Bourne - Release date July 29
Another one of these?  Can we really take it?  Well, yes, actually, we can.  Take seeing this guy on the big screen one more time, I mean.  

The Maybe

Darkness - release date May 13

If only to see Kevin Bacon, this one might be good.  It's hard to see these guys age, tho.  And in a few of the scenes the scary stuff just looked, well, excessive.   Like all of those crosses turning over?  Wouldn't it have been scarier if only one had been on the wall and had turned over?

Independence Day - release date June 24th

I might actually see this one.

The Bad

Ghostbusters - July 15th

As much as I want to be enthusiastic and say 'isn't it just awesome that some chicks are starring in a comedy', I just don't think this one's gonna fly.  Trying to reboot Ghostbusters is like trying to paint a copy of the Mona Lisa.  It's so ambitious, even a decent movie will pale in comparison.

And the Ugly

Sausage Party - release date August 12th

Who keeps giving these guys (Seth Rogan et al) the green light to churn out dreck?  Seriously.  (oh, and this link.....er, don't click on it.  Just take my word for it, this movie looks bad.)

Nine Lives - release date August 5th

Um, yeah.  Kevin Spacey inside of a cat.  Need I even comment?

And there you have it.  Here's one girl who cannot wait for summer!

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