Ray Romano on Fresh Air

Really enjoyed this interview with Ray Romano on Fresh Air.  Have always liked him, he seems to have stayed pretty down to earth despite all of his stardom (translation for 'down to earth': only one wife, no known affairs).  He's in the new show Vinyl by Martin Scorsese which I have not seen

Loved the show Men of a Certain Age.  Such a disappointment that it was cancelled after only 2 seasons.  Am one of those people tho who didn't really love Everybody Loves Raymond.  Maybe Romano does a little better with darker comedy, as was Men.  Raymond just seemed insipid to me, one of those really bad sitcoms that just goes on and on for seasons and seasons because enough people out there with really bad taste are watching it.

Interesting to hear that Letterman gave Romano his big break into TV land.  Interesting story Romano he tells on Fresh Air about the Letterman appearance that landed him the show--before the performance he was on the verge of turning his dress pants into cutoffs then decided against it at the last second.  He believes that this decision impacted Letterman's decision to give the green light to Raymond.  

OMG I loved Letterman.   If you haven't yet I encourage you to watch this video of the Foo Fighters at his final show.  Although I'm warning you.....you might cry.

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