Pee Wee's Big Holiday

Love this movie (now streaming on Netflix).  Love, love how it's SOO silly and sweet yet still made for adults.  Loved how Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello played a character so endeared with Pee Wee that he pouts in his New York City hotel room when Pee Wee hasn't made it to his birthday party.

This guy?  Pouting like a five year old at a b-day party?  LOVE IT!  

My hat is really off to Paul Reubens for creating such a bizarre and fun character.

Can't figure out why Pee Wee is always turning down girls who ask him out on dates.  Is he shy?  Not attracted to them?  Gay?

To paraphrase a line from the movie; Pee Wee's Big Holday is real, it's fun, and it's real fun.  I recommend it.  (Now streaming on Netflix!)

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