Miles Ahead

Really felt like this movie could have used more scenes in it of Miles Davis performing.  From watching this movie, supposedly a biopic, you'd think the the crux of Davis' life revolved around rescuing a stolen tape from the clutches of whatever company Davis had contracted with at the time. What I mean to say, is that it hyper-focus on this incident, and I didn't really go away with a full understand of Davis and his life and impact.

I guess that what people are saying is that it's a huge relief that this movie didn't follow some formulaic biopic where he's shown playing the trumpet at age ten, then jumps to eight years later when he's performing in NYC or something.

But what I mean to say is some background would have been useful.  I came into the movie knowing next to nothing about Davis and left knowing about that much; for example I was fascinated to learn, after reading the wikipedia page on Davis after watching the biopic, that he was classically trained-spent time at Juilliard--and grew up in an affluent home!

Never would have guessed that from watching the movie; sure it does reference his knowledge of classical musicians, but I didn't realize his training was so formal.  And given his seedy, delinquent behavior I would have assumed that he grew up in squalor, on the streets or something.

I really want to like this movie, and actually I do like it.  Cheadle is awesome.  The costumes are great.  I loved the character that he played, and now I want to see Scrooged so I can see Davis' cameo.

But it just really isn't comprehensive, honestly I don't know if it deserved the name 'biopic' -- maybe 'highlights' would be a better description.

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