Happy Go Lucky

Just watched Happy Go Lucky for the 2nd time, and man is that Sally Hawkins character annoying.  as hell.

Funny how to me, the 'crazed' driving instructor had the most interesting things to say;
I opened my eyes and I saw....Rome is burning...do you see a policy of bringing happiness to people?....no....you see the disease of multiculturalism.  And what is multiculturalism?  Multiculturalism is non-culturalism.  And why do they want non-culturalism?  Because they want to reduce collective will.  
Funny how Jewish screenwriter/director Mike Leigh portrayed this man as half crazed; and Poppy the character we should all admire.  What I mean to say is, consider a state like Israel, as well as the sentiment of most Jews; fiercely adamant about preserving the purity of their culture.  And yet they dismiss people who are opposed to multiculturalism.  Such a bizarre hypocrisy.

And I found Poppy's rather idyllic life a bit sickening and unrealistic, what with her BFF of a roommate (how common is that, that someone has a roommate and BFF from the age of 20 to the age of 30?  It seems far more realistic that living with someone for that long could sour a friendship; and also that living with someone that long, during that decade when so many life-shifts occur as extremely unlikely), her smitten love interest, and swaths of cute-as-hell earrings and clothes (the duckie earrings, gag!).

And the scene where she befriends the homeless man, alone, under a bridge at night!  What a fricking idiot.

And Sally Hawkins' facial expressions.  Woah.  A bit exaggerated.

Kind of wince inducing really that Leigh expects us to be charmed by someone so painfully annoying. Well, anyway, this doesn't hold up the 2nd time around.

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