The Cloud of Unknowing

Have been enjoying this rather ancient (14th Century) book on Contemplative Prayer.  Here's an interesting passage at the beginning.

But this one thing I must tell you.  He is a jealous lover and He will not be part of a fellowship.  Unless He is alone with you, He will not bother to work in your will.  He asks none to help Him, but only you.  He wishes only that you turn your attention to Him, and then let Him alone.  You must only guard the windows and doors for flies and enemies who may intrude.  And if you willingly do only this, then you will need only to speak quietly and humbly in prayer and soon He will help you.  Go forward then, and let us see how you carry yourself.  He is ready and He is waiting for you.  But what will you do?  And how will you go forward?  

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