Just finished watching Joy the David O. Russell movie starring Jennifer Lawrence.

Liked it.  A bit jagged with the introduction of characters, and some of the characters, such as the mother, are so ridiculously flat it's unclear why they're in the movie at all.  She basically just sits in front of her television watching soaps, and falls in love with the plumber.  Hm, a lot of the development of relationships are told pretty superficially, such as Joy's meeting and marrying her ex, and her father's new relationship with who would become the prime investor in Joy's mops.

The sister as well; an advisory, but we never got any idea really of who she was.

From the clothing and decor, it felt like the movie took place several decades ago, but I guess that it was the 90s.  Was that really so long ago, people sure dressed strange back then.  Or maybe that's just the fault of the costume designers.  The Bradley Cooper character walked around in some mustard suit that, well, didn't really look like it belonged to any decade, really.

In a nutshell, Joy tells the story of a divorced single mother who decides to pursue her dream of inventing and working with her hands.  She designs a self-wringing mop, and through much trial and error sells thousands on the Home Shopping Network.  She then goes onto to build an invention empire of sorts.

I loved that she remained single, and that the movie doesn't revolve around some hot and steamy relationship.  There is no sex in this movie!

The crux of the story revolved around Joy's needing to sell the thousands of mops that she's invested to prevent herself and her family from going into bankruptcy.  She additionally faces a near demise when her suppliers patent the mop and try to make and sell them on their own.

It's a pretty fun wholesome movie.  Diane Ladd plays the role of the grandmother and she narrates the movie.  It's loosely based on the life of inventor Joy Mangano.

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