GOP Fox Debate

Maybe the most surprising thing to me anyway, upon reflection, is that it didn't strike me as odd or incredibly inappropriate that Trump referenced the size of his penis at the debate.

My response was kind of a weak smile--'oh, yeah. heard that joke before.'

What  I mean to say........perhaps vulgarity and, er, some sort of crass vacuousness has so much become a part of the political fracas that it's sort of implicit.

And this is scary, considering the gravity of the issues we're facing--one issue discussed at the debate was North Korea's nuclear threat.

This kind of feels like, say, two alcoholic and drug-addicted seventeen year olds having triplets.  You kind of want to bury your head in the sand at the monstrosity of the responsibility of the president and the demonstrated immaturity of the candidates.

And I think that the most frustrating thing, too about this presidential election is that as much as we can accurately assess it's superficiality--media controlled, so many (all?) of the candidates are PR-groomed sell-outs making fantastic promises (Cruz' promise to reverse all of Obama's Executive Orders, Trumps pledge to build a wall, Sanders' promise to make college free)--this is the only system that we have.  We can't walk out of this movie, or flip the channel.  We have to engage in this bizarre and sickeningly superficial spectacle.  Since it's 'the political process'.  Although it doesn't feel like a political process really.  It feels like a series of gaffes, you tube clips, theater.  

In all honestly, one of the most practical reasons to view a debate isn't to garner an understanding of each candidates positions on the issues; but rather to view the interplay between the candidates and witness them possibly making a suicidal Perry-esque gaffe.  Essentially they have increasingly become theatrical productions which serve to either increase or decrease each candidates positions in the polls.  Consider Rubio's repetition of the phrase "Obama knows exactly what he is doing".  He hasn't really recovered from that.


Guess that if it's all there is, embrace it!  Really enjoyed this video of Hillary coming across like the snarky bitch that she undoubtedly is.

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