Trump and the Elections on Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose hosted several great discussions preceding Iowa Caucus.

Conservative pundit Hugh Hewitt was dead on in his predictions for the outcome of the Iowa Caucus for Cruz and Trump, and pretty close with Hilary/Bernie (he said that Bernie would win.)

"It's one hell of a year." Rose commented regarding the election and speculating on possible outcomes.

"Trump operated under a different set of principles, a different ground game, than any other that we've ever seen before."  Megan Murphy of Bloomberg News points out, particularly regarding his opting out of the Fox News Debate.

In his conflict with Ailes (refusing Ailes' efforts to reach out) I wonder what skills Trump is using; it makes me want to read The Art of the Deal.  How does handle the dynamics in order to be in the position of being pursued--is it similar to negotiating a contract?

Bernie and Trump have similar platforms regarding radical economic change. "I'm torn between who my favorite is; Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump" Megan Murphy echoes the sentiment of many voters.  What a hilarious statement.  I just love it.

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